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The seed for a great miracle lies in impossibility.

April 23, 2007

They say that the condition for a great miracle lies in impossibility- but nothing on earth can keep me from leaving beautiful Uganda and the rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. But I have been left with no choice. The politics, corruption, lack of support for the project from key role players in the country and an uncertain future for me has left me with no option. I cannot believe that I have made this choice, because it is an opportunity of a lifetime for me and I am so, so passionate about the re-introduction project, but the odds are stacked so incredibly high.

As I write this there is a leopard calling on the outskirts of my garden, the rhinos are happily grazing on the lawn and the whole area around headquarters is crawling with wildlife since the cattle have been moved off the property- the pearl of Uganda I say! But its as if I am sitting in the middle of this small piece of paradise screaming my lungs out for help and support and it continuously falls on deaf ears. Pages and pages of reports and recommendations on how best to do this first of its kind project seems to make no difference- a crying shame, since the potential for this project is unending.

During my short time here I have learnt an incredible amount, met some fascinating people and have been in situations that I would not want my worst enemies to be in- but great none-the-less. To the people and organisations that have supported me and the project, I say a massive thank you. Thank you for listening, thank you for you financial contributions and thank you for flying out from all corners of the globe to see how things are going on the ground.

I have witnessed real injustices, poverty, the arrogance of power, the ignorance of foreigners, the obliteration of proud cultures and beautiful landscapes and my hands are tied to try and educate, protect and create awareness for this beautiful part of Gods creation we call Africa.

Siyabonga. Siyabonga iNkosi!