Africa Trip 2006

The VehicleElies crossing the LuangwaDave and DerenNacala- MozambiqueMalawi SunsetIbo Island- Mozambique

It must have been somewhere in the late eighties when the seed was planted. We were going to undertake a massive trip into deepest, darkest Africa when we were big!

This was Davids and my dream since we were kids running around the Botswana and Transvaal bush shooting, building, breaking, killing, saving and eating a vast array of things that would make us puke in our adult days. The seed was planted and would grow in time.

Years passed. We did our own thing, not having much contact with eachother, but when we did the details of our ‘Trip’ would always come up. It was all an incredible pipe-dream, a pipe-dream that was becoming more and more difficult to realize because of our modern, grown-up lifestyles. David is a doctor and I am in the wildlife management and conservation industry- not great careers for taking time off.

Then it happened. I was in Zambia when David called. The trip was on he told me. “Are you in or are you out?” he asked me. I was in! My next call was to my boss to resign. We were about to embark on our childhood dream and a job managing a tiger fishing camp on the Zambezi was not going to stop me.

Four days later I was in South Africa. And the planning and organising started.

The following are just basics of the trip. Detailed stats and info is available such as leg distances, fuel stops, ferries, accommodation and costs etc. Email: Deren Coetzer for more info.

Lake MalawiFishing Ngonye FallsWestern ZambiaCrossing dodgy bridge- western ZambiaMirror imageThe Camp FireTransport in Mozambique


Vehicle: Toyota Landcruiser Pickup. 4.2l Diesel 4×4, standard marie buscuit tyres, long range fuel tanks (range approx. 1400km), roofrack, rooftop tent, dual battery system, stove, fridge/freezer and various internal modifications for storage and sleeping space etc.

Route: 13 300km (with no punctures!!). Started in South Africa; through Botswana via Francistown, Nata, Kasane and Chobe; into the Caprivi Strip to Katima Mulilo. From Namibia into western Zambia and up to Mongu and then the Kafue. Then came Lusaka and Lower Zambizi National Park at Mukango Campsite. We then headed for South Luangwa and Flatdogs before heading for a week at Lake Malawi. It was then off to Mozambique for a drive up the coast that took us via some of the most pristine beaches on the east coast. We then crossed the Ruvuma River into Tanzania and headed for the world renowned Selous Game Reserve- on the banks of the Rufiji River. It was then on to an island holiday at Zanzibar, before doing the safiari thing through Ngorongoro and Serengetti. Uganda was next; straight to Jinja and the source of the mighty Nile River, before crossing Lake Victoria and heading back south. The journey home took us through central Tanzania and back into Malawi where another week was spent on the lake- this time on the western shores. After a long trek we made it to Vic Falls for some whitewater rafting and riverboarding as a last highlight before heading home. The final stretch was done in one day to Mo-edi Tala Private Game Ranch in the Waterberg mountians. What a trip.


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